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West Annie

This 1000 sq. addition of a gallery, dining, master suite and master bath & remodel of the existing structure in the heart of downtown on West Annie Street was meant to be a retreat for its owner. The addition consists of a dining & gallery open to the outside with a U-shaped courtyard. The outdoor sitting allows for light penetration to the indoors and entertaining. A master suite and bathroom were added with high ceilings and windows which again allow the flow of natural light. A remodel was also done to the existing bathroom and kitchen.

The extension from the kitchen to the dining room allowed for an open space which the owner wanted to use as a gallery opening up to the U-shaped beautifully landscaped courtyard fit for entertaining. This same extension area allowed the owner to close off this area and seclude the existing structure from the addition to the home.

The master suite situated in the back of the home with a back entry is private with its own private back yard. This allowed the owner to separate the home to two living quarters for short term rentals.


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