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This 600 sq feet addition of a master suite, bathroom and sitting area to the existing home was custom designed to the owner’s wishes. The addition to the home in this Crestview area of Austin strives to maintain the architecture and the flow of the existing home. The specialized sitting area with the large windows is an inspiration for the owner to enjoy reading and writing. The sitting area was custom designed as part of the addition to function as a designated spot, a place for reading and writing, allowing the owner was to pursue her passion, writing a book. She wanted to enjoy this area all throughout the day, so large windows were placed to allow for natural light to flow in.

The bathroom area is a unique as the sitting area, decorated with unique elements. The bathroom design looks vintage to fit the feel of the neighborhood with wainscoting around the tub and use of colored subway tile to give it a timely design incorporating the old and the new. Combined together the new master suite and the master bathroom create a unique and tranquil atmosphere.


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