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This 2200 sqf 4 stars energy custom home has many green features. A dream home for our clients which fit their interest in Modern architecture and design as well as green building. It has passive heating and cooling design features; the large windows which allow the flow of natural light, window awnings & oversized porch & large overhangs block any direct sun. An innovative roof system made of metal was designed and ready to have a solar system as an option in the future if needed. The roof overhangs shields most windows from direct sunlight reducing solar heat gain. However, the roof is shallow to allow heat in the winter.

Our clients were interested in natural light and thus the main home corridor has 4 skylight windows. High-efficiency lighting and appliances were installed as well as high efficiency heating and cooling system for energy efficiency. Metal windows with high performance glass & double Payne Low-e windows with low U and SHGC factor also allow for energy efficiency.

The modern style is applied to the landscaping and entry. The square concrete walkway and the integration of the landscaping to the exterior colors make it exquisite. Green materials were used on the interiors as well such as exposed 100% Concrete stained slab floor. This home was featured in the smarter spaces tour for its use of space, natural flow and green features. There is an article related to this property.


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